A video is worth more than a thousand images


THE WEDDING FOREST is Peter Forest Studio’s wedding videography project. We record the best moments of the wedding day with the authenticity and subtlety of the smallest details, because it is these that make the difference. How do you get ready, arrivals at the ceremony, the moment of the rings, words from family and friends, representative moments of the cocktail and food, the dance and the party. In general, anything that represents and explains what is happening and makes you understand later what happened. I will always try to record spontaneous things like a documentary style and a cinematic look. Video is almost essential when it comes to recording different moments of our lives, that’s why we work discreetly to capture those unique moments. Elegance and simplicity are two constants in our wedding videos. We want to make videos that last over time and never go out of style.

Another part of the video is editing, an intuitive and artisanal creation process that aims to emphasize the best moments of your story and create a narrative that the viewer captures. You can rest assured that we will make you a memorable video full of emotions, which will make you remember over time one of the most important days of your life.

We also make Pre-Wedding / Honeymoon videos and Video shoot in Barcelona in a professional way, always with a creative touch.